Why We Can Help You

There are five main reasons why we can help you:

1. We Understand Business

We’re not just geeks.  First and foremost, we’re all about improving business by using technology more effectively.  Often that’s about increasing revenue, saving costs, or improving customer engagement, but sometimes it’s just about making simple changes that make life easier and more enjoyable as you go about your work.

2. We Understand Technology

We’re not management consultants.  We’re rooted in technology, with firm academic foundations, and over twelve years’ experience of delivering projects in software, hardware, web, broadcast, and mobile.  We cover every aspect of technology development from planning software interfaces, to writing code, to helping you market your product.

3. We’ve Been There Before

New technology doesn’t always mean everything has to change.  Successful use of a new technology is often built on a thorough understanding of how and why a previous technology developed, grew, and ultimately faded.  We’ve been fortunate enough to work through an exciting time of some big changes in technology and can bring that experience to your projects.

4. We Have A Proven Track Record

We work with anyone from small local charities to some of the biggest household names in the world, and deliver projects with proven successful results.  If you’d like to discuss a case study that may be applicable to your business, please do get in touch.

5. We’re Learning All The Time Too!

We live and breathe business and technology and spend as much time as possible outside of client time in research and development.  This helps us adapt, change, and ensure that rather than encouraging you to jump on the latest techy fad, we bring you advice and expertise that’s always current, always relevant, always tested and always thought-through.

To discuss any consultancy prospects or new business, please contact John Connolly

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